20-G, Vannarappalayam Main Road Back Street, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu-607001.

Reg No:594/IV/10

 I take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am s. mariappan, resident of cuddalore, Tamil Nadu. Before I retired, I had been serving as the Head Master of the Government Girls Higher Secondary School at Cuddalore port. I am qualified in M.A, M.P.ED, M.Phil, & B.ED., and have specialized in Foot Ball coaching.

I have been closely involved in the progress and growth of a number of orphan girls who are residing in the Government Children’s Home (orphanage) Cuddalore. Since the last 8 years, I have been coaching these children and providing support for their education, healthcare and overall development. Around 47 female childrens in the age group of 12 and 19 are being benefited by this support and voluntary social service. These girls belong to the coastal rural areas which were devasted by Tsunami and do not have any means of support in any form. I am pleased to inform you that out of these 47 girls, around 37 had represented national level football teams of under-13 and under-19 age groups. Out of these, 7 represented India in the age group of 14-19 so far I have been carrying out all the activities on my own, without  any external financial support. But now these girls need college level education support and help for their overall growth which requires funding on a large scale. I need to institutionalize this activity, so I have registered a Trust in the name of Mamaniam coastal Rural Development and Research Foundation, and have applied for tax exemption for all contributions to this trust, and also I got the same.

This deed of irrevocable trust in the name of M/s.MAMANIAM COSTAL RURAL DEVELOPMENT & RESEARCH FOUNDATION,declared this 24th day of November,2010 by Shri.S.Mariappan, son of Shri.N.Subramaniam residing at No: 20G, Vannarapalayam Main Road, Back Street, Cuddalore, Cuddalore Dist,.(here in after called as the AUTHOR and FOUNDER of the TRUST) which term shall wherever the context permits shall mean and include his heirs, successors, legal representatives, assigned executors and administrators.

[EXEMPTION:U/S 80 G(5)(VI) of the Income Tax Act,1961.C.NO.9165 E(1513)/CIT/PDY/2012.13 DATED 13.07.2012]

It is no longer possible for me to carry out this service on my own, as I have retired from service and I need the support of an organized NGO (or) other institutions to continue this activity and to take it forward. I need the support and blessings of a large number of people to look after the task, which I began for a noble cause. I hope a positive and favorable response from your side.


WHEREAS the Author and Founder of the Trust is desirous of constituting and creating a charitable trust in the name of M/s. MAMANIAM COSTAL RURAL DEVELOPMENT & RESEARCH FOUNDATION with public charitable object as constituted whereas this is a public charitable trust and no benefit for the author of the trust.

WHEREAS the Author and Founder of the Trust cherishes a desire for advancement of education at all levels for the benefits of the public at large irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

WHEREAS the Author and Founder of the Trust is desirous of declaring a sum of Rs.1,001/-(Rupees one thousand and one only)towards the corpus of Trust created under the constitution here under.

WHEREAS in pursuance to the above desire the AUTHOR and FOUNDER of the Trust intends to create and declare a Trust and appoint the following first BOARD OF TRUSTEES,with Shri.S.Mariappan, son of Shri.N.Subramaniam residing at No: 20G, Vannarapalayam Main Road, Back Street, Cuddalore, Cuddalore Dist, LIFETERM TRUSTEE as chairman and Managing Trustee.

The chairman and managing Trustee hereby declare the following persons as trustees:
  1. 1. Mr.S.Mariappan S/O Mr.N.Subramaniam, residing at No: 20G, Vannarapalayam Main Road, Back Street, Cuddalore, Cuddalore Dist,.
  2. 2. Miss.S.Kamalaveni D/O Mr.N.Subramaniam aged 65 years and residing at No: 4/618,4th Cross, Kalaivanar Nagar, pondicherry-6.
  3. 3. Mr.K.Venkatachalapathy S/O Mr. Krishnamoorthy, aged 50 residing Annamalai Nagar Chidhambaram, Cuddalore Dist,.
  4. 4. Mrs.P.Asha Latha D/O Mr.I.Ponnusamy, residing at No: 20G, Vannarapalayam Main Road, Back Street, Cuddalore, Cuddalore Dist,.
  5. 5. Mr.S.Natarajan, S/o N.Subramaniam residing at No: 12, M.S.T.Nagar, Kondur, Cuddalore, Cuddalore District.

WHEREAS the Author and Founder is desirous to reduce in to writing the terms relating to the Trust and the manner in which the Trust shall be administered, the object of the Trust and other matters connected thereof.




The Author and Founder hereby declare and affirm that sum of Rs.1001/- has been declared on the Trust as its corpus for carrying out the objects of the Trust. The Author and Founder will be the Managing Trustee and shall also be called as Chairman & Managing Trustee of the Board. He shall have a casting vote in case of equal division in voting while passing resolutions. He shall hold office for his life time unless he resigns or refused to act as Chairman.




The principal office of the Trust shall be for the time being at No: 20G, Vannarapalaym Main Road, Back Street, Cuddalore, Cuddalore Dist,. The Trust shall have activities throughout the country and shall establish office(s) or location(s) Educational or Cultural or Sports Institution(s) at such other place or places within India as the Trustees may deem fit from time to time. If the Chairman & Managing Trustee feels that the principal office of the Trust is to be shifted to some other place for carrying out and furthering the objectives of the Trust more efficiently and economically then the principal office of the Trust shall beat such other place as deemed fit.


The Trust has been constituted for and shall carry out all or any of the following objects for the welfare of the general public irrespective of caste, colour, creed, sex or religion;

  1. 1. To help for the advancement of education amongst the needy public by granting scholarship to deserving students.
  2. 2. To establish and run Educational Institutions, schools/colleges/institutions of any kind, institutes or colleges in Teacher Education, law, engineering, medicine/para-medicine, in imparting professional education, other colleges of Arts, science, Education/ Teacher Education/ computer Education/ Training, Music, Fine Arts, Technology, ITI Polytechnic, and any other institution for imparting any type of education including, community colleges, Deemed Universities / Universities for the benefit of the society or students.
  3. 3. To acquire and manage existing educational or cultural institutions, colleges, schools, Institutes, hostels, home for adults, or disabled persons, orphans, physically challenged persons etc.,
  4. 4. To start schools, colleges and research centres for developing the poor and the talented students to achieve in their lives and to execute their dreams into real.
  5. 5. To take over and promote schools, colleges and research centres with environmental science for protecting the nature, saving the natural resources and supporting the green growing.
  6. 6. To promote and take-over affiliate institution having similar objects.
  7. 7. To open a research centres with all types of equipments which is useful for all Arts and Science students and to enhance the research activity of basic sciences.
  8. 8. To provide and/or render help and assistance to and/or implement any scheme for providing livelihood for the Orphanage children, handicapped and costal rural poor.
  9. 9. To provide free education to the orphan children and the children who are mentally retarded, deaf and dumb, blind and also to help physically handicapped and to promote them to earn their livelihood.
  10. 10. To foster and encourage education and training in technical handicrafts, fine arts to commercial arts by setting up vocational training centres.
  11. 11. To open promote, acquire, run and maintain hostel/home for the orphanage children, home for the aged and/or health centres in future.
  12. 12. To propagate promote and preserve the Indian culture, Traditional crafts, Indian Philosophy, Yoga and Music and Fine Arts.
  13. 13. To arrange Literacy association Educational conferences, Environmental conferences (Seminars), lectures and debates.
  14. 14. To conduct free medical camps in the coastal villages and other places and to give free treatments.
  15. 15. To provide regular coaching in Sports and Games and organizing periodical camps in Sports and Games, so as to enable the children to participate and achieve in the state, National as well as International level sports competition.
  16. 16. To provide Sports KITS & Materials to the hostel inmates.
  17. 17. To provide financial assistance to the hostel inmates who will participate in the State, National and International level sports competition.
  18. 18. To aid establishments and all types of educational institutions for the benefit of the public at large, provide consultancy services in the field of education, and for running of such institutions for the cause of furthering education amongst the public at large.
  19. 19. To run institution for non-formal, social, adult and mass education, correspondence education and such other modes of education as are deemed fit to serve the cause of advancement of education and removal of illiteracy amongst the public at large.
  20. 20. To run hostel for the benefit of students and youth and homes for abandoned aged people, disabled persons and abandoned children, working women etc.,
  21. 21. To publish periodicals, book, journals, newspapers, bulletins, leaflets, and newsletters, etc., devoted to the promotion or furtherance of the cause of education and culture.
  22. 22. To assist any institutions formed for the advancement of education or culture and which is recognized as an activity of a public Trust.
  23. 23. To do or cause to be done all such lawful things as are in accordance with the spirit and principles of the objects of the Trust (or) which is condusive to the attainment and pursuit of the aim and objects of the Trust.
  24. 24. To promote Arts, Culture, Fine-Arts, Music and sports by organizing and arranging suitable activities.
  25. 25. To provide Guidance and Counseling for the benefit of students and unemployed youth.
  26. 26. To organize, arrange and promote suitable activities for the welfare and development of the society and community.
  27. 27. To start schools with the curriculum of central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) with computer practical facility, all other lab facilities, NCC, NSS, sports and cultural events.
  28. 28. To carry on such other objects incidental or ancillary to the above said objects.
  29. 29. It is further declared that this Trust shall exist solely for educational and social purposes and not for purposes of profit.
  30. 30. Each of the above objects shall be independent of the other and none of the above objects shall involve the carrying on of any business, trade or any activity for profits.
  31. 31. It is further declared that the Trust shall not carry on any business, trading activity or activity for profit. The aforesaid objects shall be provided to the beneficiaries without discrimination of caste, creed, colour, sex, religion.
  32. 32. Any activity of the Trust will be treated as Trust performance and the accounts there on will be brought into the Trust account.


a) A sum of Rs.1001/- (Rupees one thousand and one only) declared by the Author and Founder of the Trust forms part of the corpus of the Trust.

b) The proceeds of donations / grants or any financial assistance received from the public shall be credited to the Trust fund.

c) The income of the properties of the Trust to be purchased and sale proceeds of any property of the Trust sold and income from the permitted activity if any, shall be credited to the Trust fund.

d) The Trust shall invest in such manner as would comply with the various enactments governing investment of funds by educational institutions.